Chua Mia Tee

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Chua Mia Tee was born in 1931 in China and moved to Singapore in 1937. Chua’s body of work includes colourful koi, majestic animals as well as panoramic views and sprawling landscapes of countriesHe received training in drawing, sketching with watercolour and painting, both with oils on canvas and with Chinese ink and colours on paper under the tutelage of pioneer artists. Chua paints in a realistic style. His works display his keen eye for details and an understanding of light. He believes that art should be realistic because it reflects life.

Goldfishes (Prosperity) 2008

Koi (2009)

I like him because he does amazingly life-like art pieces and can capture the image insanely well. I admire him for his oil paintings and how he can make the water look so realistic. It feels as if you can put your hand in and just touch the water.

Blue Macaws (1993)

I admire his art and how he makes every detail ( e.g. the feathers on the birds)  so intricate and real.