Teikoku Shounen

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Teikoku Shounen 

aka Imperial boy

Personal Data:

Birthday : March 1 , 1976
Birthplace : Tokyo , Japan
Gender : Male
Education : Chubi Central Art School
Architectural structures at once nostalgic and futuristic , streets bustling with activity : such images convey a clear picture of the urban experience .
Imperial boy loves to draw scenes reminiscent of Meiji , Taisho , and early Showa periods in Japan , with a curious mixing of cultures . He also likes to portray events commonly found in Asian cities. Filtered through his imagination , our familiar world is transformed into new , fantastic metropolises .

Work Process: 

Step 1 :
He does the backgrounds with a 3D software as a rough sketch . Then he adds perspective with the software ,  to show what goes where ( organisation ) and the camera angle ( composition ) .[one day ]
Then he determines how to do the shading by deciding on a position for the light source the bring the image into focus. [2 days ]

Step 2:
He decides overall coloring and does a rough drawing of the reflections on the surfaces . [2 days ]
" when you're filling in color with 2D software you have to consider perspective , so to save time I used 3D software.  On the other hand some things take longer with 3D software , for those i use 2D , keeping the light source in mind , i do the shading " 

Step 3:
He does shading and creates a suitable background image from whats available . He then retouches it with a 2D software for a hand drawn effect . [~ 4 days] 





I really lile his work as they reflect urban parts of Japan with a twist . I love how detailed they are and how he uses colour in his works to set a certain mood. I can never just lool at his works once.. Thanks for reading :)