Sebastian Eriksson

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Sebastian Eriksson is an 18-year-old up-and-coming surrealist artist living in Sweden. Not only is his artwork amazing, it's extremely thought-provoking as he adds descriptions of how his pieces relate to his life.

Just like everyone in the world , we are growing and that can be a challenge especially in the teenage years.
What made me pick Sebastian is that the fact that instead of  writing the same old mundane plain letters taking about your emotions that you keep inside he chose to express his feelings in a creative way .

 schizophrenia, insanity, depression or other mental problems

For instance , this  in the piece above, describes a person with psychological problems such as , insanity, depression or other mental problems. His endless screaming makes his own mind eat him up.

AND CHECK OUT HIS AMAZING PENCIL BLENDING , i like how he blends its so well it looks every 3 dimensional and look HOW ALMOST SYMMETRICAL the other faces are to the main face 

also ,what i really like about this artwork is that you do not need too much explanation about it , because at a glance you already can feel /imagine what sebastian felt at that time . 

confused,lost and trapped 
i also really like him because if you noticed(from the photo above ) , the colours of his art work are also very related to his art work , for example the photo above , he used alot of dark colours and dark colours usually represents sadness , death , mystery that is typically associated with the unknown and negative .
another example is the photo immediately below this text . He used alot of blue colours which usually represents depression , melancholy and loneliness 

Sebastian Eriksson, surreal art

and because of this , it is easier for me to understand the artwork easier and better and  through his artworks i can almost feel and connect to  what he was feeling  when he was creating his artwork .

 i also really like how he expresses feelings that a piece of paper and a writing tool cant explain the same way :)))))))
and i really realllllllllyyyyyyyyy like his artwork because im  one sad mushroom and i can relate to him and it makes me feel better because atleast i know that  im not the only one that is experiencing these feelings and it makes me happy in a way(and it doenst make me feel like a loner ) eventhough his artworks are almost all about sadness and insanity hahaha 

ok that was dramatic i'm going to stop now 


Most of us probably felt like Sebastian before , but most of us do not have the talent (me) to draw how we feel. It's fascinating to look into the mind of a teenager through his or artwork.

okkaa bye thanks for reading