Yoshitaka Amano

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Born in March 26 1952 ,Yoshitaka Amano is a Japanese artist , character designer , illustrator , theatre and film scenic designer and costume designer. He is most popular known for the illustrations for the popular video-game franchise Final Fantasy. Amano concentrated on illustrations for science fiction and fantasy works and his personal style is influenced by both modern surrealism and realism. His works are of mixed media consisting of watercolour , acrylic , colour pencils , print making and so much more.

One of his works on Final Fantasy. Known for its wispy lines and vibrant use of colour.

I have known him at a younger age as he was the one who illustrated art and designs of one of my favourite childhood games and his distinct style of completely white skin , the wispy and messy yet soft lines and the way he uses colours. I just really admire his art pieces.

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