Hannah Hoch

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                                  HANNAH HOCH

Hannah Hoch is a German Dada artist
She was best known for her work of the Weimar Period,when she was one of the originators of photomontage 

Hannah's work existed to dismantled the fable and dichotomy that existed in the concept of "New Woman".
'New Woman' symbolise an energetic,professional and androgynous woman who is ready to take their place as a man's equal.

Hannah's interest in the topic was how the dichotomy was structured, as well as who structures social roles.

Many of her pieces sardonially critiqued the mass culture beauty industry at the time,gaining significant momentum in mass media through the rise of fashion and advertising photography.

One of Hannah's most popular art works is the "Cut With The Kitchen Knife'.She chooses to give specifications, such as kitchen knife and beer-belly, to make it clear that this piece is social commentary regarding gender issues in post-war Germany. The Dada movement wished to critically examine German culture by not glossing over the negative aspects, but rather accentuating them. Hoch cut out pieces of images and text found in magazines, advertisements, newspapers and journals. She carefully pieced all these clippings back together in a way that made sense to her and as she felt appropriately served her purpose of critical examination.

Hannah attended school of Applied Arts in Berlin under the guidance of the glass designer Harold Bergen.

Personal Reflections
Hannah Hoch is the first artist that does her works differently than others.
Other artists will paint or draw but Hannah uses pictures that she has and cut to paste in together will other pictures to create an artwork.

She uses a variety of colours which i personal like as colours make an artwork more outstanding instead of monochrome in my opinion.
How does her artworks inspire me?
Well there has to be some meaning behind every artist's artwork. They use different methods to express their experience and feelings on their artwork.Her artworks inspire me to believe that everyone can use anything to create their own artwork to represent themselves.Not being afraid to try new methods to creating and artwork.

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