Kentaro Miura

10:17 PM Ethan Neo 0 Comments

Looking at the popularity of manga artists among my schoomates I have decided to write about one : Kentaro Miura. I would not talk about his personal life but more about his work.

Kentaro is best known for his illustration for the manga and anime "Berserk" , a story taking place in a dark twisted fantasy universe. To me , unlike other mangas or anime , Berserk is depicted with more "realistic" body features. Here's an example :

As you can see from the picture above , there is some surrealism in his drawings which really provides viewers the horrific take on the vast world the artist took in berserk. 
From the picture above we can see that Kentaro used a very fine pencil or pen to illustrate. Even with such a fine pen , Kentaro could pull off very smooth shadings ( usually I have to create a shading stump ).

Thanks for reading , may add more content in the future.