Sui Ishida

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Sui Ishida (石田 スイ, Ishida Sui), born December 28, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, a Japanese manga artist. Sui Ishida is just his penname nobody knows his real name or how he looks like.( what a shy mangaka) He is famous for his best selling manga 'tokyo ghoul'. ( its about a boy who turned into a ghoul, go read it up. Its good) He also won the Young Jump 113th Grand Prix award with Tokyo Ghoul. He uses a graphical tablet and paint tool sai for his works. His works tend to look like watercolor which makes it unique and cool. ( he also uses 

A drawing he did for the new years. (TOUKA AND KANEKI <3)

(smug eto lmao) 

Why I like him☜(゚ヮ゚☜)  :Tokyo ghoul is amazing. God bless him for making it. I really like his art style and the fact that he uses light colors. His works are close to perfection to me ( the only thing that is keeping it away from perfect is that (((HE HASN'T MADE ART OF ARIMAXHAISE)))) )