Furudate Haruichi

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Furudate Haruichi is a Japanese manga artist who is best known for his series Haikyū!!
Before Furudate or whom I like to call 'Sensei', created Haikyū!! which if you can't tell is a sports manga; he used to draw horror mangas. I know what you're thinking,"horror.. to sports?" yes! these are two genres that are NO WHERE near each other but I think Furudate has adapted into this genre quite well!

Now, lets talk about his famous series Haikyū. In the picture above, we have our main team Karasuno getting ready for battl- I mean for a volleyball match! As you can see, Furudate has a distinct and unique art style. It gives me that rough, sketchy kind of feeling, it wasn't hard for me to continue reading this as I am not picky with art styles when it comes to manga but I definitely found Furudate's art unique as it seems more realistic. 

Clearly he hasn't strayed away from his horror roots, you go Sensei!

Do you see those thighs?! 

Here you can see what I meant when I said his artworks are very realistic to me, there are times where body shape is a problem amongst some of the manga artists I've read. Furudate draws accurate body shapes of volleyball players, they are not skinny nor fat but fit! My boys have their extremely delicious thighs and as for the girls, they are curvy with just the right amount of meat in them.

Diverse body shapes with Sensei!

From the pictures above, I may have shown you Furudate's serious side but I can and will assure you that he, himself and this manga has got the right amount of comedy in it! 

 Furudate has a good sense of colour too!

Furudate has this thing where..

he tends to..

give the character triangle feet whenever there is a funny scene.

Personally, the way the comedic relief art is totally different from the serious scenes makes it feel extremely light to read, in a sense where it feels more natural and it doesn't feel like he's obligated to draw a funny scene just for the sake of it. 

I think you can tell by the now that I absolutely love this manga. Although, the word 'love' itself kind of feels like it's underestimating my true feelings for it but this manga wouldn't have been as amazing as it is if it wasn't for Furudate. I would show his previous works but this post might be too long haha!

I've always thought,'how can this man be drawing horror before and draw a sports manga perfectly well?' he may not have strayed away from his roots but he uses them perfectly well in the correct scenes for Haikyū!!

Furudate has taught me to experiment with my art style, improve but never forget where you originally started from. Yes! you can improve and try out new styles but try to draw what you've been drawing the most before; to really see if you have changed or not. 

Furudate has created amazing characters that I will love in the long run with his art, and I thank him everyday for that.

Thank you very much for reading!