viktoria prischedko

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Viktoria is a German artist who was born in Moldova.

She uses watercolour for her work and she uses special watercolour techniques with the watercolour.

she uses Hahnemuhle 600gsm (300lb) rough paper which she lies loose on a plywood board. After an initial sketch with a soft pencil both sides of the paper are wetted with a sponge. She immediately dabs with a paper towel the focal point, approximately one third to two thirds vertically and horizontally, and some other places that are important in it's composition. Once she starts painting she varies the tone between warm and cool to determine relationships. Mostly she paints wet in wet but keeps the paper towels handy to dry off where she wants to place detail.

She uses a lot of pigment and a little water for the detail.

for the colour, she mostly uses blue, purple and lemon yellow mainly.

Apparently her people are always Lemon Yellow + Orange with some Ultramarine. Paints are `Russian' (St Petersburg?) and Scminke. This is logical as she is originally from the old Soviet Union (Moldavia) and currently lives in Germany

I'm amazed at this with the riot of colour she creates and i like the way she uses her waterclour technique which is as if she is spreading the colour.
also, i think her artworks make the viewer get emotional. i think it is beacause of the tones of colour .she mostly paints streets and with her own watercolour technique, i personally feel that it gives an expression of a gloomy and rainy weather.