The Kid

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The Kid ,22 years old, of Dutch and Brazilian parentage and a self-educated contemporary artist. Through the medium of his artwork, this young artist questions notions of ''social determinism and the thin frontier between innocence and corruption.'' Truly remarkable in its exposition and finesse, his body of work is one that challenges the viewer to consider issues such as human tragedy, injustice, bias and intolerance.

for his art, he use only "bic ball pen'

his drawings of individuals were created using just a Bic pen and show actual people - young men serving life sentences in United States’ penal institutions. These individuals, incarcerated before the age of eighteen (in some cases before turning fourteen), will most probably live the remainder of their lives in prison as they currently have no likelihood of remission. Despite their separate crimes, the artist is curious about each personal story and what has taken place.


the artist describes how he was affected by experiences at school in which he was victimised by both peers and teachers (at a younger age, one’s way of interpreting the world is often limited to school and home).

I like this artist beacasue there is a deep story behind all his works and some of his works came from his own experiences and his own thoughts about the social derterminism.
I am inspired by his art skill where he can be very detailed and realistic in his illustrations.
Also, he has not learnt any art skill before and using just a bic ball pen, he can create a massive artwork.