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Donna Ong is an instillation artist from singapore. she has displayed her artwork in singapore and internationally, for example, Jakarta Biennale in 2009, Kwandu Biennale in 2008, the inaugural Singapore Biennale in 2007 and Moscow Biennale of Art in 2014. she was inspired by her father who was an artist himself when she was growing up. she only decided that being an artist was the right path for her half way through her degree of studying architecture, then, she changed her degree and pursued her career as an artist. Donna Ong was also recognized for her artistic achievements by the Singapore Government and she also won the people’s choice award for the president’s young talent competition.

The type of concept she goes for is realistic art works that are visually arresting and provoking. Her aim when displaying her art work is to let the audience escape into it and encounter different ideas, emotions and experience. She wants to seduce her audience with beauty, wonder and awe so they would be more interested in her instillations and will be motivated to discover the more subtle ideas and thoughts she has hidden behind the seductive façade.

gift series: Hortus Conclusus [ 2013 ]

In Xanadu Did Kubla Khan [ 2011 ]