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introduction of the artist.

AHMAD ZAKI ANWAR  was born in Johor Baharu in Malaysia. He is the youngest of 6 children. Zakii developed his love for art at the age of 6. He attended Ngee Heng Primary School from 1962 until 1967 and went to secondary school at English College Johore Bahru. After graduation, Zakii was accepted into the School of Art and Design, MARA Institute of Technology.

The artist began his career as a graphic artist, producing some of the leading advertising graphics of his time. From there, he continued to establish his name by converting to a fine art where his techniques have been exemplary and world class. Zakii came to attention for his virtuosity and command of a spectrum of media from charcoals to oils, building a reputation for stunning photo-realist still-life paintings and expressive portraits. Later, a more contemporary edge surfaced in his works as Zakii introduced urban subjects and settings into his canvases. He is lauded for capturing not just city motifs and urban features but also a distinctive psychological dimension and cinematic quality in these scenarios. Zakii's preoccupation with the spiritual or metaphysical aspects of urban life, as seen through his use of icons, symbols and allegories (including metaphors of theatre, performance, and masks) have also marked his practice.

Ahmad Zaki Anwar, the lost master short trailer  :

Ahmad zaki Anwar artworks. [ That I lovee]

Durian and Strawberry, 2015

Hands Across the Water

Hands Across the Water presents the work of Ahmad Zakii Anwar (Johor Bahru), Kow Leong Kiang (Kuala Lumpur), Heri Dono (Jogyakarta), Choi Tae Hoon (Seoul), and Han Yong Jin (New York), each responding to their experiences traveling to Jeju Island and Seoul, South Korea.
Sep 13th – Oct 31st 2014
Los Angeles, 2600 S. La Cienega Blvd