Bestrizal Besta - Peace for All

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Bestrizal Besta , a 42 year old Indonesia artist, who work as a painter.
He have done this artwork of Peace for All.

Description of Peace for All:

Flowers scattered fulfilling these life events.
The imperfect, incomplete, flawed life events, but are still beautiful and worth being grateful for.
Blooming flowers scattered giving beautiful and unconditional peace.
Peace is simple. Peace is beautiful and full of blessing.
Peace belongs to everyone.
Peace is in the heart and goes out to be a blessing for us and everyone.
Whatever our limitations, keep rejoicing, remain confident.
Make peace with yourself, be grateful, be diligent.
Make peace with everyone.
Make peace with the imperfect past and present.
Remain confident in the present goodwill though not yet seen.

Peace for all is one of my favourite artwork.
I love it because even it is a black and white drawing but
the colour of the flowers make it more lively.
And also I love it because there is a lot of meaningful words/things from the artwork.

~Thank you~