Victor Ortiz G.

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Victor Ortiz G. is the founder of graphic Colombian-based design studio Iconblast, he is a digital artist and illustrator.
Ever since Victor was a kid he has been interested in the arts (drawing, painting etc) but was truly indulged when he saw his brothers graphic design works and thought,"how did they do that?" He then studied graphic design for 5 years hence, Iconblast was born.

The first thing that captivated my eye with Victors' work is the use of colour, the way he is able to contrast the amount of colour in his works is something I wish I am able to do so, being able to see shades of colour blend extremely well is very pleasing to my eyes. Secondly, the detail in his works are precise, it amazes me that digital art can be this detailed and accurate that his works swoons me over.

Victor Ortiz' work is versatile and high quality with full of details as i've stated above, it influences me and inspires me to apply the same with my art work. His works give me a sense of risk, to not be afraid to add TOO MUCH detail because clearly; there is never 'too much'. 

Thank you for reading!