Ivan Hoo

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 Ivan Hoo, born and raised in Singapore, is passionate about all things art. At a very young age, he has been teaching himself how to draw incredibly realistic portraits that seem to leap off of the canvas, or rather wood. Ivan uses essentials such as a wooden canvas, pastels, colored pencils, and ink pens to bring drawings to life. He loves drawing realistic artworks that tease the brain and especially, the eyes. It allows him to obtain a lot of dimension and ideas to create something close to reality when working with wood.

Spilled Nutella

Water Flow

Ivan customarily works with dry mediums such as pastels, however he would like to work with paints more in the future. Wood is Ivan’s favorite canvas, and it works perfectly well for him.

Bunny Drawing
Broken Eggs

Acrylic Cat On Wood
Ivan tried something uniquely different. Instead of using real life objects on wood, Ivan used an acrylic base layer before adding in the pastel details.

             Ivan claims that he had never done learning. He continues to experiment and study   anamorphic drawings.


Ivan showcased his work for the first time in an exhibition, which took place at the 50×50 Square Invasion Painting Show in 2011. Since then his artwork has continued to take off, and he now teaches artists at the Art Speaks Studio in Singapore. 


What captured my attention the most about his artworks is how realistic his artworks were. None of them failed to disappoint me. His artworks are close to perfection, I would even say that they are perfect, but we have to remember that nothing in this world is perfect. Nevertheless, the effortless blending and exquisite details of his artworks are the things which I appreciate and admire. I'm blown away by the fact that he is a self-taught artist; his peserverence, patience and practice has certainly driven him to be a great artist I aspire to be. I now look up to him after reading his amazing journey.

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