Choy Weng Yang

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Choy Weng Yang is a local artist, curator, arts writer, educator and one of the most notable abstract painters in the post-independence period, contributing keenly for more than 30 years. Born on 12 July 1930, he graduated Hornsey College of Art, London, United Kingdom, with a National Diploma of Art in 1962 and was awarded with an Art Teachers' Certificate when he was studying art education at the University of London's Institute of Education the subsequent year.  


Choy is well-known for his oil paintings and drawings. He has a distinct style of Postmodern art and Abstract Expressionism, which was immensely inspired by brilliant artists such as Picasso, Cezanne, Constable, Monet, Matisse, Turner, Mondrian and Bacon.

Choy pays close attention to the emotive quality of colour. He uses it to describe form and more significantly, he uses it as the subject matter itself. His paintings are actualisations of his colour experimentations which show his grasp on the vibrance of colours, conveying movement and emotion to those who gaze upon the painting.

While painting, Choy was captivated by how exquisite colour relationships could be. His pieces are perpetually inspired by Mother Nature. The series of works titled "Water Lilies" (1997/98), for example, consisted of interpretations of lilies under different climates and times of day. This collection exemplified his ability to capture nature's beauty, particularly highlighting the elements of light and colour. Movement was conveyed through the direction of brushstrokes as well as through the intensity of colours used.

Choy Weng Yang's aesthetic abilities are out of this world. I love how he uses abstract art to express himself. He takes risks when doing artpieces, experimenting with different colours, like I said earlier, turning a plain, dull canvas to a multicoloured, head-turning masterpiece. He inspires me to find my own style in art and not to be afraid to explore with new mediums.

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