Tanaka Tatsuya

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                                                                      Tanaka Tatsuya

Tanaka Tatsuya is a Japanese artist that creates lifelike miniature sculptures from everyday household items. His creations are numerous with each receiving various complimentary remarks from others on his social media pages. Unfortunately i was not able to find a portrait of him as he does not disclose much of his life online. Tanaka has posted most of his creations on his instagram page tanaka_tatsuya and has 2595 posts and 304 thousand followers so it may be impossible to post all his works. His work has given me a different perspective of this world and makes me feel how we are all just a small part in the ever evolving and changing world.

                                   "Docking" 5.23 Friday
Many of Tanaka's works do not have a description or is in Japanese so i can't understand it but this allows me to use my imagination as to what feelings or thoughts that Tanaka wanted to give the observer. To me this represents a "behind-the-scenes" feel and makes me appreciate what i have. This piece of work makes me think that there are real miniature technicians that fix our electrical appliances and make sure that they are working properly. :D The work piece also makes me feel of actually wanting to contribute to projects ( :P) as this piece of work is trying to tell the me that teamwork is an important aspect of life. With teamwork we can build bigger and better things than when we build it ourselves. 

                                "Piano" 5.29 Thursday
This piece of work makes me feel that in all of this world, destruction and fire may not always be harmful. Sometimes through devastation beauty can be created. Just like in the picture, the matchstick piano is representing destruction as fire is a uncontrollable part of nature but the pianist which represents someone creating beauty from destruction. This piece of work helps remind me that though in this day and age wars are raging and people are dying, somewhere else in this world someone is being saved or saving another soul. Diplomacy may finally take place from world leaders due to these wars and peace may finally be able to settle over the world. This piece also makes me feel that even though today was horrible in the sense that everything went wrong for me, tomorrow may be a better day with better opportunities for me to succeed. This makes me want to live life to the fullest and try to make it through every sad or depressing day. emo~~

                               "Big Wave" 6.22 Sunday
Ahhhh this piece of work is one that has more impact in my life than most others. This piece of work is made of multiple curve rulers and of course it relates to math. (DR RADHA :D) One of my worst subjects that i constantly do badly in. However this piece of work also makes me want to create and build. This piece of work gives me the feeling that all things have multiple purposes. Something as boring as a math tool ( sorry dr radha x_x|| )can be made into such a interesting piece of work. This constantly influences me in my daily life as i try to create fun and enjoyment out of the boring things or tasks that i have to complete daily. This work inspires greatness into many people as i would guess and it may very well cause someone to get an idea that could be revolutionary to our modern society.

                                "Storm" 3.5 Tuesday
This piece of work to me has a hidden meaning aimed at us consumers in this world. This piece of work to me makes me feel that man is very much related to the ever changing and unpredictable climate that is happening now with global warming being a serious threat in our daily lives. This piece of work to me makes me feel that man is selfish and only cares about their own gains and not other's losses. Man is destroying forests with their man-made products causing much destruction to countless in the world. This piece of work is a motivational piece of work to the rest of the human world that we have to stop or at least cut down our usage, wastage and productions of many goods that are used daily. Though not many people may not get this message that i am getting, i do hope that one day we are able to save our lush green planet from destruction. This piece to me makes me feel that there is a external presence in my life that is blowing me away and trying to prevent me from reaching my end goal. However with enough determination i believe that i can overcome this presence and ultimately reach my goal.