Claude Monet -Bain à la Grenouillère

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Bain à la Grenouillère is a painting by the impressionist painter Claude Monet.
Monet wrote on September 25, 1869 in a letter to Frédéric Bazille, "I do have a dream, a painting (tableau), the baths of La Grenouillère, for which I have made some bad sketches (pochades), but it is only a dream.[1] Pierre-Auguste Renoir, who has just spent two months here, also wants to do this painting." Monet and Renoir, both desperately poor, were quite close at the time.
La Grenouillère was a popular middle-class resort consisting of a spa, a boating establishment and a floating café. Optimistically promoted as "Trouville-sur-Seine", it was located on the Seine near Bougival, easily accessible by train from Paris and had just been favoured with a visit by Emperor Napoleon III with his wife and son. Monet and Renoir both recognized in La Grenouillère an ideal subject for the images of leisure they hoped to sell.

This painting is a very unique work because of the attention to detail of the work. One example would be the water and how the ripples or wave of the water is painted.. It looks as if the water is moving showing that it was planned and painted carefully. Claude Monet also use that edict on the leaves of the tree on the top part of the painting.