Nam Gye-U

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Nam Gye-u (1811–1888) was a painter and a government officer in the late Joseon period. Nam Gyewu was born to a high class and son of Nam Jinhwa who served as Busa. He lived in Namchon, Seoul and had an official career as Dojeong. Nam was especially good at depicting butterflies, so called as Nam Nabi (Butterfly Nam), his nickname. Through his lifetime, Nam Gye-u devoted to drawing pictures of butterflies and flowers. I like his style of painting and in my opinion i think he uses a wide range of colour schemes for various paintings. His style of drawing is also very appealing to me. I feel that it is realistic and very detailed.Another reason why I find his paintings appealing is because I personally like traditional artworks. I like the simplicity and clean look it has to it.