Johan Thörnqvist

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Johan Thörnqvist is a Swedish illustration designer. He is 26 and lives in Helsingborg. He gets his inspirations for his drawings / style of art is from comic books. Johan takes pictures of his surroundings then uses photo to edit the colours, textures and his drawings. If necessary, he would build a picture of several and he uses the photographs he had taken.

Illustrations on Photography by Johan Thörnqvist -

Illustrations on Photography by Johan Thörnqvist -

Swedish artist Johan Thörnqvist adds the most detailed city and character illustrations on top of ordinary photographs. The results are incredibly magical and imaginative, leaving me wanting to explore or even visit these miniature worlds

Illustrations on Photography by Johan Thörnqvist -

Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #858

I personally LOVE his work because it is cartoon-ish and he is very imaginative in creating his works. He does such wonderful and dreamy illustrations by drawing imaginary cities over real life photography. :)

P.S: you can find more of his artworks on   :D