CJ Henry

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 CJ Henry is 26-year-old Australian artist who has been creating these jaw-dropping hyper-realistic pen drawings for two years now, but recently she got to the Olympus.

According to CJ, she says her journey as an artist began when she was at her lowest point knowing there was nothing to loose.

She said it takes about 100-200 hours to finish a drawing and the biggest part of it is structured craftsmanship instead of creativity.


iam attracted by her single objects drawing because of their simplicity and ability to attract viewer.

I am really amazed by her skill of using pen because when i first saw her artworks, i thought it was a photograph taken with black&white filter.


One of the biggest reason of liking this artist is beacuse i really like the way she expresses every detail of the object just by using pens. like chanel bag (below) she can express the leather like feeling and wine bottle (above) a transparent glass feeling.


Apart from her art skill, i am also inspired by her passion towards her work beacaue as a person who had a small experience on pen drawing , i needed a lot of effort, time and concentration to be really detailed on finishing a artwork using pen.

you can check out her instagram for more details and pictures :)