Bob Ross

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                                                                Bob Ross
                                                                                                                                 by Emopotato (*u*)

Bob Ross or rather Robert Norman "Bob" Ross was an american painter that lived in the late twentieth century. He was also an art instructor and a television host in his lifetime. Bob Ross was born on October 29,1942 in Daytona Beach, Florida. He was raised in Orlando, Florida and had a half brother named Jim which he mentioned on his show The Joy of Painting. Bob worked as a carpenter alongside his father which is how he came to lose part of his index finger on his left hand. However this did not affect the way that he held his palette whilst painting. Before his career in painting had started, Bob had enlisted in the United States Air Force at the age of 18 serving as a medical records technician. He rose to the rank of master sergeant and served as the first sergeant of the U.S Air Force Clinic at Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska. This was when he first caught inspiration for his first few works as this was when he first saw snow and mountains and it would later on be recurring themes in his artworks. During his stay in Alaska, Bob worked as a part time bartender and so as to not go into the numerous details, he eventually became very successful in his line of work as an artist. Bob used the wet-on-wet technique of painting whereby the artist adds layers of paint on top of still-wet paint rather than waiting for the layer underneath to dry. 

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Bob at his easel

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Autumn Glory
Much like my previous artist write up, Bob does not give descriptions of his artworks so i would assume that he would want the observer to picture their individual perspectives of his artworks. This painting is titled autumn glory and whilst Singapore does not have these types of scenery, one could wish that this painting was real and in Singapore. This painting gives me a sense of determination as i picture the mountain in the background to be my goal that i set. The distance may seem far and treacherous( totally) but as the saying goes; "it isn't always about the destination but rather the journey there." This picture very much represents life to me as the journey to adulthood is long and possibly treacherous but very much enjoyable (or is it :P). Personally i feel that this painting has that hidden meaning but people have their ways of perceiving it and i would really like it if people could write in the comments what they feel about this and the other paintings that will be in this blog. :)

Peaceful Landscape Paintings by Bob Ross  1024*768
                             Light House at Night
This painting is titled Light House at Night and is a very surreal painting to me. This painting gives me the sense of hope as the light house would be the shining light that pierces the foggy night, leading ships to safety and to their destinations without incidents or shipwrecks. This painting is like that friend that always sticks by your side no matter the odds and helps you triumph obstacles. It also represents life after death i suppose as people always said to look at the light at the end of the tunnel. This isn't really a solid perspective but it is how i perceive it to be (|||^_^). Again please feel free to type in the comment section what you think of this painting and how you feel about it.
 Peaceful Landscape Paintings by Bob Ross  1024*768
                         Mountain Retreat 
This surreal painting is one that helps me live through everyday laughing instead of being angry at joke made about me and told directly into my face.....or general insults.....or about how i used to cut myself......dark times...... Anyways this painting makes me feel a sense of serenity. The cabin being in this painting makes the sense even more powerful as outdoor retreats such as these are a overwhelming experience for me...if i ever get to experience it that is....The mountains make me feel secure and are like great beings watching over me. (oooooooo~~~~) This painting makes me have a sense of serenity as the painting is set in a generally peaceful scene where the bright colours make me feel relaxed and stuff.....

Peaceful Landscape Paintings by Bob Ross  1024*768
                           Winter Night
Last painting :). This piece of art is one of my favourite works by Bob. This painting makes me feel scared yet secure at the same time. I prefer to perceive this painting to that of our future, past and present. the background of the artwork is the future as it is dark and uncertain. the cabin in the foreground represents the present whereby there is warmth and security in this cold dark endless cycle of life and death. It is in this cabin where all our loved ones reside, constantly given me warmth and support, building up my confidence for when i finally go out into the dark future alone. Notice how i have not mentioned the past. This is because the past is behind us in this painting. The past is meant to serve as a warning and to remind us what we have done to arrive at this very place at this very moment. I feel that the past as of right now is irrelevant and i will only use the past to learn from my mistakes and remember fond memories. I feel as though we should be looking towards the future rather than dwell on the past as it would not help us progress any further in our lives. And again please write what you fel in the comment if you ever read this blog....though i doubt anyone will....