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1956 Born in Si ping City, Jilin Province
1982 Graduated from the Fine Art Department of Northeast University, Changchun, Jilin Province
1986 Organized and participated in the Southwest Art Research Group
Pan Dehai was widely known for  creating  the  image  of   the  ‘Corn  Men’  in  his  works.
He  is  associated  with  an  influential  group  of  artists  in  the  history  of  Chinese  Contemporary  Art,  that  is   ‘Southwestern  Art  Group’,  which  came  into  being  after  the  ‘New  Age’  Art  Exhibition.
Pan Dehai is an artist  who  sets  to  exploring  the  passions  of  life  and  the  questions  in  essence,  his artworks  judges  these   aspects  from  a  special  perspective which makes us  understand  this  world  more  truthfully and get  to  know  what   we  are  interested  in.
Famous Artworks:After a day's work,a bustling day
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