Moïse Kisling

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Moïse Kisling (1891 –1953) was a Polish-born French painter. He went to the School of Fine Arts in Karków where he studied under Pankiewicz and was exposed to the Impressionist style of painting. 

His artworks are heavily influenced with the Impressionism style. His friendship with artists Amedeo Modigliani, Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque also did influenced him to develop his style. However, what makes his style unique is the blocky, bold, simplistic environment containing stylistic exaggeration figures with wide-set limbs and eyes.

Jeune Femme à la Blouse

La Sieste a Saint-Tropez, 1918

His style also gives out the surreal, dreamy look and that is what I find striking in most of his paintings.

Portrait of Jean Cocteau, 1916 

My favourite artworks by him are the La Siesta a Saint-Tropez and the Portrait of Jean Cocteau paintings. What I like in both paintings (all his painting, in fact) is that the lines are not harsh and it gives out a soft look. Also, the La Siesta a Saint-Tropez painting appeared to look very lively with the variation of colors used, combined with the subtlety of the shapes.