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Shanale Also known as Shainbow
Shanale is only 17 years old with a dream of being able to teach Art to those who wants to.  Regardless of not creating artworks like Leonardo Di Vinci, Van Gough etcetc, I admire her artworks a lot as i find it interesting and how she inks her works is something to be admired about. The control she has with her mediums,which are inking, digital and paint, can be shown in her artworks and of how she uses them to produce the piece. As you see on the above picture, the details of how jagged and sharp the teeth are is shown quite well, along with the texture of the skull itself. The black backdrop and the somewhat faded shape of the astronaut suit brings all eyes on the detailed skull.

Here are more examples of her inking pieces:
Yes, this adorable Artwork is done by her. As well as the following ones below.