Sandro Botticelli

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Alessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipepi, better known as Sandro botticelli, was born at around Circa 1445. He was an Italian Painter during the early period of the Renaissance at the Florentine School. I choose this artist because he shows a very strong gestural expressiveness and graceful movement.

Botticelli usually use colours like malachite, copper green , ultramarine, cinnabar, red, white and yellow lead, red lake and carbon black. He don't apply very thick layers as later it will look like he used acrylic. Instead, he applied in thin, opaque layers. Usually the reds and dark greens were frequently glazed. He uses foundation colours so that i will not make his paintings so messy. Before he finish his paintings, he will reset the contours and give his figures body through modeling the lights and shadows. 

This portrait is really impressive as he has use the correct colours. Earlier on he uses green colour but he decided to change from green to brown resulting not only in an irreversible chromatic change but also in excessive contrast and loss of luministic gradation. Which make bright white of the Graces' gowns is permanently out of balance with the darkened greenery behind.

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