MR. - otaku subculture

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  • Iwamoto Masakatu, also known as MR. is a multi-faceted contemporary artists from Saitama, whose creative output includes painting, sculpture, performance art and video. During his studies at the Sokei Art School MR. was discovered by Takashi Murakami, and he worked as Murakami’s assistant for eight years, as a member of his Kaikai Kiki studio. MR. is a self-proclaimed passionate follower of otaku subculture which emerged in Japan in the 1970s and consisted mostly of males consumed by manga comics, anime animation, sci-fi literature and video games. Masakatu’s often explicit works, that express his provocative Lolita-esque fantasies, depict young boys and girls painted in an anime and manga style, taking inspiration from the aesthetics and attitudes of otaku subculture, and lolicon themes. I personally think that drawing anime  with a certain style is very creative and clever and this artist achieved this perfection with a style.