Joel Emsile

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  Joel Emsile  

A games industry veteran with two decades of experience, Joel Emslie has worked at Ronin Entertainment, Namco Bandai Games America and Infinity Ward, on projects including Armor Command, Kill Switch, and the Call of Duty and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series. He is currently lead artist at Respawn Entertainment, where he worked on online multiplayer first-person shooter Titanfall, in which players can commandeer Titans: giant mech-style exoskeletons. You can see over 90 pieces of art from the game in The Art of Titanfall: a free exhibition at Hollywood’s Gnomon Gallery from 3 May to 3 July.

INSANE love for this works . I knew about Titanfall in FUNZCENTRE when i saw the artwork book that was selling there . I remember asking my friend to take a picture of it to send it to me . FOR COURSE WORK . YES , COURSEWORK. He is my artist reference . I feel like I dug myself a grave , comparing my novice works to his . Can you imagine , I have to put my works next to these . LIKE ..... OKAYYY
I used his works for course work as there is mecha bots in it and the game graphics is so good . *cries * 

haha okok bye