Heidi Keyes

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Heidi Keyes is an American painter who does paintings of landscapes, cities and cultures. Her work are inspired from the countires that she have been to. Her work is said to "express the incompleteness of humanity" She paints her work in a style to make the places look vibrant, even though the places are not. Her works are also usually taken from the neighbourhood. 

Birds All In A Row

"Pink house"; Prague, Czech Republic - Acrylic on wooden panels, 2 4.5" x 7", 1 15.5" x 12" ; SOLD
Pink House

"Beyond the gate"; Budapest, Hungary - Acrylic on canvas; 34" x 24"; contact artist for price
Beyond The Gate

"Waking up with mountains in my eyes"; Golden, CO - Acrylic on canvas 2012; 48" x 24"; contact artist for price
Waking Up with Mountains In My Eyes

I like her works because they are very vibrant. The places she drew were not significant in the country but I like how she paints these places to show what it feels to live in other people's country.