Tom Christopher

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Christopher began creating fine art in the mid 80's with "...painting household objects and tools on a Brobdingnagian scale" in addition to making cast-iron sculptures, which were featured " galleries in the East Village". These works were most notably featured in Socrates Sculpture Park, Oil and Steel Gallery (L.I.C. NY 1992) and the "Tools as Art: The Hechinger Collection" at National Building Museum Washington D.C. (1990s).The early 1990s also marked the start of Tom Christopher's signature NYC paintings. The first gallery to feature this was the Saint Marks Gallery in 1990. After receiving more success and reception with this style, he slowly switched to primarily this style in the 90's, and "Now his subject matter is largely focused on the streets of New York.

I like his artwork as it is colourful and vibrant and the way it looks