Tatsuyuki Tanaka

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  Tatsuyuki Tanaka  

Born on May 25, 1965
Place of birth : Fukuoka , Japan
illustrator, manga artist ,animator 

Tatsuyuki brilliantly overlaps layers of colour , creating realistic renditions of the atmosphere. Each illustration is composed of various hues of one colour , which gives them a distinct , monochromatic look. Using these limited colour combinations, he makes unique , transparent pictures .

As a professional animator , Tanaka conveys  a marvelous sense of perspective in his drawings . He paints the background in a single line sketch without any hesitation.

Tatsuyuki Tanaka, Cannabis Works Wallpaper

 Obviously , i like the manga/ anime style of Tatsuki Tanaka .
I love his minimal use of colours the create a monochromatic look while still having a contrast.