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  Sarah Thursday Illustrations  

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A local illustrator graduated from Temasek Poly,Visual Communications .

Started 'Sarah Thursday' to do create personal works and share them to the world while at the same time , earning a living.

Style of work is very gothic inspired.

 Past works (the Monochrome Collection) were inspired by vintage Victorian illustrations and the style of traditional etching. 
For the current Yokai Project, it still contains the signature etching style but the ideas and colours are inspired by traditional Japanese culture.

Uses Photoshop because it's clean and easy but loves traditional works and the look of it. Thus works are purposely done to look like pen-drawn illustrations.

Yokai Collection

「木曜日の羊」"Hitsuji" Art Print

「木曜日の猫」"Neko" Premium Totebag

「木曜日の狼」"Ōkami" Premium Tee


Monochrome collection

Obsession Art Print

Observe Matte Phonecase
Mortality Art Print
Afraid Badge
Blessings Card

First of all , I'm SO happy that Sarah Thursday Illustrations had noticed my email and taken the time to type a reply (Thank you so much ! )  * kyahh*
I love the blend of goth and vintage style of the works , the pen-like illustrations and the details  ( THE DEEEETAAAAAILLSSSS. OMG )
The fact that it is done on photoshop is really interesting . I've always thought that it was pen drawing .

I really really love the Yokai collection as it is Japanese inspired  (yea . JAPANESE ) .
Hitsuji is my personal favorite - It reminded me of the studio Ghibli character , Princess Mononoke.  ^^ 
It was an instant connection to that work . My brain was just like ' OHMYGOD wait im not done yet .  Stare at this more. '
So yea. mad love for those works .

Anyways ,

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