Martin Wittfooth

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Martin Wittfooth was born in Toronto in 1981. He earned his BAA in Illustration from Sheridan College in 2003. He currently lives and works as an illustrator and fine artist in New York City, where he earned his MFA at the School of Visual Arts.
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Martin Wittfooth’s intensely allegorical paintings all suggest the future of the human condition — without showing a single person. He uses a time-honored painterly tradition that may be painstaking, but reveals incredible depth in both medium and content. His paintings are haunting in that they have a feeling of real possibility. The familiar scenes hint of disrepair; their animal subjects are beautiful, but also betray that something in this world is amiss. In light of the long-awaited recognition and acceptance of climate change, Wittfooth’s work has an undercurrent of forewarning about what could happen if humans don’t get our act together.

A Day Without Train
The Devils Playground
  Shaman II
Brahman (Sacrifice)
I like how he makes his paintings look real and how he managed to show the animals despair because of humans. I feel that his attempt, to place his audience in the passenger seat, to feel immersed in (and collectively responsible for) the scenes he present, successful.