Jeong Juno

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  Jeong Juno  

Born in Seoul , South Korea on July 25 , 1976 .
Illustrator , Character designer

An up-and-coming illustrator , Jeong Juno has focused on game graphic design and illustration since he won the "New Face award" in a manga magazine contest in Korea . He uses photoshop skillfully , and his distinctive illustrations of fascinating , charming women reveal his formidable sketching skill . He also has a personal sense of colour and good command of layers that add rich quality to his pictures.

I've recently just realized how much i absolutely ADORE digital art. 
I look towards game designers for amazing digital work . Jeong Juno 's work has that anime look to it which i really like .  His works seem to have a gold / bronze dusted finish to it . I think it is the choice of colour and the many layers of colours..( Idk lol) The world of digital art is so interesting . I really want to enter it but i need someone to take me there . ( Or i'll get lost in that world! ) EEEPP